“AI+IoT”application at CES in 2019

The international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens in Las Vegas on Jan,8, 2019. This show gathers the top technology products from all over the world, and makes the trend of deep integration of AI+IoT more obvious. Changhong, as the leader of artificial intelligence home appliance over the world, will display CHiQ TV, refrigerator, air conditioner with AI+IoT application, and integrate whole house intelligent home appliance with IoT to realize the inter-connection and control among different brands intelligent equipment,attract exhibitors from all over the world to be here to experience and enjoy more convenient family life.

8K TV ARTIST shows excellent design. With super exquisite image, 8K high-definition television becomes a hot topic of 2019 CES, at the first timeChanghong exhibits CHiQ 8K double screen TV ARTIST, which has outstanding audio-visual performance, keep harmonious coexistence with family environment, and realize some bold innovation, like DFD1.0, dominant speaker.

ARTIST introduces the concept of “location “from space design, which can work as a partition between two functional spaces, such as living room and dining room, and provide related content services to match with different activity scenes.


Focus on the solution of intelligent home scenes. Changhong, after being the first enterprise to apply AI+IoT technology to household appliances, will continue to strengthen the research and development and project investment of AI+IoT technology, and accelerate the technology transformation. Changhong launches brand new artificial intelligent appliances, including CHiQ TV, CHiQ refrigerator, and CHiQ air conditioner, and realizes the inter-connection and control between CHiQ TV and some devices in the intelligent home ecological chain, such as CHiQ refrigerator, air conditioner and MIUI brand devices through powerful IoT compatibility protocol.