32D3000i HD TV

  • 32''


  • Android 4.6
  • EShare
  • Golive
  • MHL
  • EMR 100Hz
  • Fungsi
  • Spesifikasi
  • Unduh

Android 4.6

android 4.6 process a plety of android apps for dowloading and installing, ultra high definition system ,intergration leads to the function of high definition video processing


Perfectly combine “Watch TV@Anywhere” in EShare,integrate TV with mobile terminal cell phone greatly; “Throw away remote control” smart control TV by cell phone; “Watch TV@Anywhere”on wonderful TV program by cell phone,transmit simultaneously without missing any splendid moment.


Golive establishes a global super internet Cloud Player platform, by means of smart TV terminal and smart Mobile Terminal. Based on internet technology, users are able to watch global live TV by satellite and debut movie. More than 200 global HD TV channels,the world’s largest legal mandarin TV channels provider . Advanced P2P technique,1-2M band with enables a smooth watching.


Changhong’s latest generation smart TV is more intelligent, faster and more convenient. The smart TV realizes the intelligent human-machine interaction including voice, serving on line with wire and wireless, and the wireless multi-screen interaction among personal multimedia devices such as pads, telephones and computers.


The MHL specification is an HD video and digital audio interface for connecting mobile phones and portable device to HDTVs and other home entertainment products.

EMR 100Hz

Optimized Image processing and Backlight controlling, dramatically improve the motion image quality, dynamic contrast ratio and sharpness.