Changhong Opened a New Artificial Intelligence Era of Home Appliances

Artificial intelligence era has really come. On July 28th, the first new artificial intelligence conference of China home appliance industry was held in Beijing and the world's first artificial intelligence TV - Changhong CHiQ TV has launched stunningly. Based on perfect technology logic and big data operations, Changhong successfully launched the world's first artificial intelligence TV, to bring users more thoughtful, personalized service. That marked the global TV industry into a new artificial intelligence era.

Alternative release: “Dialogue” between Robot and TV

The new way of release beyond everyone's expectation: Changhong invited a special guest - recently hot robot, beauty "Yaoyao" to the spot, to communicate with Changhong artificial intelligence TV. Product presentation and demonstration were showed through “Q&A” between two intelligent machines.

By interacting with Yaoyao, Changhong new artificial intelligence TV presented its highly accurate far-field voice interaction capability, ultra speed search technology, full voice control, personalized recommendations and other skills. All above skills allow Changhong CHiQ TV to accompany users like a friend. Users can chat with Changhong CHiQ TV while they are watching TV. And CHiQ TV can also receive instructions to make the appropriate actions. After a long time "man-machine" communication, artificial intelligence CHiQ TV has been fully interpreted and has also brought us a new artificial intelligent audio-visual experience.

Beauty, robot Yaoyao interact with Changhong artificial intelligence TV

In addition to the most basic functions of Android systems and voice interaction, Changhong artificial intelligence TV has advantages of self-adaption, self-learning and self-growth. First, it can respond to the instructions given by the user and the fastest response speed is 3 seconds. Second, as Changhong CHiQ TV has analysis ability of viewing habits, it can automatic analyze and find what films you most like to watch in the whole network according to your usual viewing habits. The longer stay with it, the more precise it recommends. The machine that give us a cold image can be our truly friend. Test data shows that Chinese speech recognition rate of Changhong artificial intelligence TV can reach 97% and natural voice interaction distance between people and television can reach 30 meters. That means users can freely interact with TV at any place of their house.

Product experience

Intelligent transformation: Changhong fully enter the artificial intelligence field

"Changhong has a long history of artificial intelligence, such as robotics, machine recognition, human interaction and computing applications. Artificial intelligence TV is just the tip of the iceberg.” According to the report, Changhong has entered artificial intelligence basic research from 2012 and has made considerable progress in the development and application of the sensor module and speech recognition chip, and artificial intelligence technology research and development based on the big data. A lot of achievements have transformed into commercial use.

Experts discussing the development status and trend of artificial intelligence

This March, Changhong released the world's first open IOT operation support platform (UP Platform), becoming an IOT intelligent transformation milestone of Changhong. It marks Changhong have realization capability of big data, networking and smart home, smart communities, smart cities, and other services. Changhong CHiQ TV can achieve "cognition, decision making, feedback", that manly benefit from data and operational support of Changhong UP platform.

Changhong opened a new artificial intelligence era of home appliances

Artificial intelligence is becoming following hot point and our artificial intelligence industry has met a new development opportunity. The birth of Changhong CHiQ TV has indicated that Changhong technology preparation has translated to results. And it also marked the combination with China traditional home appliance industry and artificial intelligence technology. In the future there will be more "artificial intelligence" home appliance products available.